Rubella cases reach 19

Macau (MNA) – The number of German measles cases in Macau amounts to 19 this month, the Health Bureau (SS) announced.

Three new cases were confirmed during the weekend, all of them staff of the casino-hotel City of Dreams (CoD).

On Sunday, two Macau residents working at the CoD were confirmed with the disease. One of the patients is a 33-year old woman, not pregnant, which started manifesting symptoms such as headache and muscle pain on April 12, and skin rashes the next day, when she visited the Emergency Service of the Public Hospital Conde de Sao Januario (CHCSJ).

The second patient confirmed to have contracted the disease is a 35-year old male, who manifested the first symptoms on April 12, followed by rashes on April 13. The patient visited the CHCSJ on April 14, when he was confirmed with rubella.

Both patients were born in Mainland China and their vaccination history was stated as ‘unknown’ by the SS. Relatives have not yet presented similar symptoms.

The previous case registered on Saturday, April 13, consists of a 29-year old Filipino man. The non-resident worker manifested fever and the first skin rashes on April 11, having visited the Kiang Wu Hospital where he was sent to the Emergency Services of the CHCSJ on April 12.

Similar to the other patients, the SS has announced that his vaccination history is unknown and that relatives have not manifested symptoms of the disease

The health authority alerts pregnant women about the rubella risks for babies, requesting them to take the necessary precautions such as avoiding crowded places and washing hands thoroughly.