Sands China expresses “full support” to Hengqin plan, economic diversification

Gaming operator Sands China has issued a statement “greatly welcoming” and expressing “full support” to the newly-unveiled  Master Plan of the Development of the Guangdong-Macau Intensive Cooperation Zone in Hengqin.

“The Master Plan seeks to create a favourable environment for Macau’s industrial diversification, while providing fresh impetus for Macau’s long-term development”, Sands China underlines.

The company notes that it “is privileged to be making contributions to the economic diversification of Macau and the development of the city into a world centre of tourism and leisure”, while adding that it will “continue to contribute to the economic diversification and long-term prosperity of Macau for its integration into the overall national development plan”.

One of the main aims of the blueprint is to foster economic diversification, away from excessive reliance on the gaming industry.

The Guangdong-Macau In-depth Cooperation Zone will focus on four sectors to facilitate the industrial diversification of Macau, including technology and high-end manufacturing, traditional Chinese medicine, tourism and MICE, and finance.

This was advanced by the general plan of the Cooperation Zone, which basically covers the entire 106-square-kilometre Hengqin Island, published by the State Council on Sunday evening.