Sands, the tidy house

The first operator to occupy the land given by the Government is also the first to be able to say that their house is tidied up during the term of the concession contract. 

MB March 2020 Special Report | Cotai 3.0 (2019-2022)

“We remain enthusiastic about our future growth opportunities in Asia”, stated Sheldon Adelson last December. 

“Next year, we will introduce approximately two million square feet of luxurious suite accommodations on the Cotai Strip”, Mr Adelson added, referring to the opening of the Grand Suites at Four Seasons and The Londoner Hotel (previously Holiday Inn). 

“Additional tourism and entertainment amenities of The Londoner Macao (previously Sands Cotai Central) will debut throughout 2020 and 2021”, reinforced the Sands founder. “Between the second and third quarter [of 2020] you will see a lot of amenities coming online – restaurants, gaming facilities, etc. The hotel will be fully completed in July, then the retail area will be opened portion by portion”, Sands China’s VP of integrated marketing and communication, Cristina Quental, said. 

Sands is spending an estimated $2.2 billions (MOP 17,6 billions) on new construction works and renovations in Macau: $1.35 bn (MOP 10,8 bn) on a renovation and expansion at the re-branded Londoner Macao, $400 m (MOP 3,2 billions) on a separate 370-suite Londoner Tower Suites, and $450 m (MOP 3,6 billions) on a hotel tower at the Grand Suites of Four Seasons Macau (Plaza Macau). 

The new The Londoner Hotel will host some 600 one-bedroom suites. 

The whole façade of the project, modelled on London’s Westminster Palace and Houses of Parliament, with a 96-metres tall Big Ben replica, is expected to be fully completed by the end of the year, but with renovation works on the Sheraton side of the building carrying on into 2021. “The complexity of this project is that everything will come up online as it is built. The last thing that will come through is the façade, because the construction period is much longer”, Ms Quental noted. 

A replica of Piccadilly Circus’ Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain and Crystal Palace-style atrium – which will be ready around May [2020] – a renovated shopping mall, and a new 6,000-seat arena are also included in the project. “The arena will be amazing for our MICE offering, because it is perfect for large groups and will allow the Venetian arena to be more available for concerts”, Ms Quental added. 

The Londoner apart-hotel at the back of the St. Regis Hotel is expected to add 368 apartments – said to be designed by British footballer David Beckham – with the future Four Seasons Tower Suites to add some other 290 suites. 

Integrated Resort The Londoner Macau will offer 13 ballrooms, six meeting rooms, three spas, four health clubs, more than 20 dining options, over 200 shops and a 34,000-square-metres gaming space with 450 table games and 2,000 slot machines, plus VIP rooms. Together with the current Conrad Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, and St. Regis Hotel in Sands Cotai, the Londoner Hotel will provide over 6,000 hotel rooms and suites after the renovation. 

In parallel, Sands China is finishing refurbishing and expanding the VIP gaming areas in the Venetian which began in 2018. Bernstein brokerage reports that completion will occur in different phases through 2020. 

Daniel Briggs, senior vice president of investor relations for the Las Vegas Sands, said: “If the chairman were here, he would be talking about building a lot more in Macau… [and saying] Macau is just getting started, and that this business can be even bigger. But it is going to need more hotel inventory… we would like to build more hotel inventory besides what we have already announced. We will see if we get permission to do that. We don’t have that permission as of today.”