Sao Tome: Lowest organised crime rate in Africa

Sao Tome and Principe has the lowest amount of organised crime in any African country, according to a report by the Enact project, financed by the European Union (EU), released today, which places Mozambique close to the top 10.

According to the first edition of the “Enact Organised Crime Index – Improving Africa’s Response to Transnational Organised Crime”, with data for 2018, Sao Tome and Principe scored an average of 1.88 points in the organised crime index, which is between one and ten.

São Tomé and Príncipe shows a value that stands out from the continent’s average (4.97 points), with the second country with the lowest organized crime, Tunisia, showing an average of 3.26 points.

The figure is calculated between two scores: one refers to the prevalence of criminal markets, and the other refers to the structure in the country and the influence of criminal agents.

In the first case, the markets for human trafficking, crimes against fauna, flora and non-renewable resources, arms trafficking, and various types of drug trafficking (heroin, cocaine, cannabis and synthetic drugs) are taken into account.

The second indicator is calculated based on the intervention of groups that act as mafia, criminal networks, state agents or foreign criminal agents.

The top of the criminal index is occupied by Nigeria, with a score of 7.70 points, followed by the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRCongo), with 7.29 points, and the Central African Republic (CAR), with 6.86 points.

Behind these three countries are South Sudan (6.40), Somalia (6.40), Sudan (6.38), Libya (6.26), Côte d’Ivoire (6.23), Mali (6.20) and South Africa (6.16), all with more than six points in an organised crime index of between one and ten.

As for the remaining Portuguese-speaking countries, Mozambique ranks 14th on the continent with 5.86 points, only 0.3 points behind the 10th ranked, South Africa (6.16).

The Mozambican score is driven by crimes against flora (8.5) and fauna (7.5), as well as heroin trafficking (7.5).

In addition to Mozambique, only Guinea-Bissau exceeds the African average with 4.99 points (24th place).

In 32nd place, Angola has 4.78 points, followed by Cape Verde, with 3.74 (45th place), Equatorial Guinea (3.53 points), in 49th place.