Second citywide testing round to start on June 23

Health authorities have announced this afternoon that all residents will be asked to carry out a second 39-hour citywide testing round from 9:00 am on June 23 to midnight June 24

The number of confirmed cases since the latest community outbreak has increased to 71 as of 3:00pm, with 24 people showing symptoms and 47 people being asymptomatic.

According to Health Bureau Director, Alvis Lo, the recent rapid antigen testing round mandated today had already revealed 11 positive cases, so the new citywide testing drive will allow uncovering more hidden cases in the community.

A total of 53 NAT stations involving 342 sampling booths will be set up across the city.

Categories of testing stations include: general stations and self-paid stations (prior booking required), and special care stations (for people with special needs who fail to make prior booking).

All testing stations are equipped with a special care channel. Seven of the NAT stations are special care testing stations providing walk-in service for people in need of special care who fail to make prior booking; users of these stations can be accompanied by one person if necessary.

To shorten the queuing time, people in need of special care are suggested to book the test in general testing stations with the assistance of families or friends, and then utilize use the priority channel there.

Prior booking is required in general testing stations. Persons with bookings are urged to arrive on time; arrivals more than 1 hour early will not be attended, while late arrivals will have to book again.

Original of identity document (same document used in Macao Health Code; non-residents please present travel document), booking code and a screenshot of the Macao Health Code must be presented for the test.

Those who remain untested after 00:00 am on 25 June will be assigned a yellow health code and be taken by the police to a designated venue to undergo sampling; the individuals concerned will not be allowed to leave the venue until their test returns as negative.

People who refuse to take the test will be subject to medical observation at a designated venue for 14 days.