Secretary for Security: All equal before law

The police earlier this week busted a prostitution ring involving high-ranking hotel executives. When asked whether he was under a lot of pressure, Secretary for Security Wong Sio Chak said, “everyone is equal before the law” is the principle of police law enforcement. He was speaking to reporters following his inspection of the Fire Services Bureau.
Wong Sio Chak said that the police operation was based on information and investigation, and followed strategic plans and normal procedures. He denies that the police’s latest ‘big operations’ has anything to do with new officials taking office or being in compliance with the Central Government’s anti-graft campaign.
“Regarding the recent major cases, they were all operated based on the intelligence we have collected before and the investigations that have been carried out all along”, said Mr. Wong. “It’s just a coincidence that the arrests were made recently and the cases busted. It’s not because of anyone taking the office and having a new style.”
Wong Sio Chak stressed that the police have always put a lot of effort into preventing and tackling criminal acts. The operations in recent major cases are not part of a new trend.
“You can see that security in Macau has improved significantly. For example, the number of crimes that are of a very serious nature has decreased a lot. Actually, there have always been continuing efforts in tackling crime”.
In terms of the security situation, the security head said that organised crime is a trend, with drugs, fraud and terrorism all within the police’s main scope. The police will conduct more research and provisional works to prevent such crimes.