Sheraton to be replaced by Golden Crown China Hotel for medical observations

Tourism authorities indicated today (Friday) that the Sheraton Hotel will stop being used for medical observations in mid-August, to be replaced for this purpose by the Golden Crown China Hotel.

Local authorities indicated that a hotel of the size of Sheraton is no longer needed for the current number of people under the required 14-day quarantine, with the smaller 250-rooms Golden Crown hotel a viable alternative for the current needs.

The hotel will be emptied and after the Health Bureau completes the cleaning and disinfection works, the Sheraton Hotel will stop being used for quarantines no later than August 14

Starting from June 7, the Macau Government has resumed using the hotel’s special isolated area as another designated hotel for quarantine and medical observation, as the rooms supplied by the current designated hotel – Pousada Marina Infante – are now fully occupied as a result of the “gradual rise in the number of people required to undergo quarantine recently”.

At one point this year there ere 12 hotels being used for medical observations, with Sheraton used between March 28 and April 23, and again from June 7.

A total of 943 people are still under medical observation in designated hotels, including 474 local residents, 49 non-resident workers and 420 tourists.

Macau has not reported any new cases of Covid-19 for 35 consecutive days.