Signal 8 to remain during the afternoon

Typhoon Signal No.8 is expected to remain in effect this afternoon and local winds will strengthen, the Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG) indicated as Typhoon Kompasu – currently about 350 km south-southwest of Macau – continues to move towards Hainan Island.

‘Typhoon Kompasu has crossed the South of Macau and keeps moving westward. Kompasu will land on Hainan Island during the afternoon and night. Under its effect, rain showers will be more frequent. In the next few hours, the wind direction will gradually change to easterly and the wind speed will intensify. The public should pay attention to the change in the prevailing wind direction,’ the SMG added.

Signal 8 was hoisted at 10:30pm Tuesday, and a blue storm surge warning is also still in force.

Winds with a sustained speed of 63 to 117 km/h are expected or blowing and the gust may exceed 180 km/h.

The Chief Executive has already given directives to the civil protection team to minimise the harm caused by flooding; to assist people in need to evacuate from low-lying areas; and to ensure the safety of the public and their property.

The Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) also warned companies that, if they require their workers to go to work during the period when a Signal No. 8 or higher is hoisted, they must ensure that in addition to their staff are covered by insurance for accidents at work, they need to provide them with adequate work measures on their journey, return and during their time of service.

‘For example, for companies that are able to do so, they must provide transport for their employees, as well as ensuring an appropriate place and time for them to rest, among others, in order to ensure their safety at work,’ the department stated.