Sin Fong Building owners contest Zheng Anting’s claims of support in supporting reconstruction loans

A representative from the Sin Fong Building owners committee has accused legislator Zheng Anting of false statements after the Macao Jiangmen Communal Society Vice-President stated that the association has supported the paying of interest rates connected to the reconstruction of the building in Rua da Ribeira do Patane, newspaper Tribuna de Macau reported.

The Jiangmen Communal Society – headed by legislators Mak Soi Kun and Zheng Anting – originally agreed to donate a total of MOP100 million (US$12.5 million) to the reconstruction of the residential building, however this year it apparently backtracked on the offer.

When confronted with the matter in a recent press conference on the group’s legislative work, Zheng claimed the society is currently subsidizing the interest for the loans as the reconstruction progresses.

However, the building’s management committee has issued a statement indicating that sent a letter to the association requesting a meeting with the presence of the media in order to dispel speculations but until now no response has been provided.

According to the management commission, the reconstruction of the building involves a total budget of MOP210 million, with the owners having managed to only raise MOP7 million, without including support by the Tung Sin Tong Charity Association, which owns most of the property.

By the end of July, MOP6.2 million had already been used and after the expenses with August works were settled, the budget was almost completely used, with the commission pointing out that, at the moment, the owners are still trying to raise the missing MOP100 million, which the Jiangmen Association had promised.

The deadline for homeowners to deliver the necessary documents to apply for the loan from the Bank of China or to deposit the funds in a collective bank account finished tomorrow, however, according to the former chairman of the management committee, until yesterday only 70 per cent of the resident’s in the building had agreed so far.

Accoridng to the committee representative, Wong Man Sang, some residents will not be able to afford these expenses and efforts will be made to delay the deadline set for tomorrow.

The newspaper has also reported that the Tung Sin Tong Charity Association was willing to advance with some MOP25 million patacas for the reconstruction of the building’s area it owns

Meanwhile, the Macao Jiangmen Communal Society has reportedly only provided MOP5.1 million so far.