Sino-Lusophone arts centre breaks ground

Macau saw the groundbreaking ceremony of an arts centre this Monday to be built in Taipa, with the aim of housing artists from Portuguese-Speaking countries, Macau and China, involving an estimated private investment of MOP250 to MOP300 million patacas.

The 88-metre high arts centre called “Hotel Arte” will function as an artistic residence and museum, with arts galleries featuring Lusophone artists.

The project was launched by local painter and benefactor Ieong Tai Meng with the support from the International Lusophone Markets Business Association (ACIML).

Ieong, an internationally awarded Chinese painter who fully finances the project, says he wants to bring Lusophone art closer to China and give back to Macau what he earned over the past four decades since he arrived in the city, coming from the neighbouring Guangdong province.

“This art center has been in preparation for over a year and we have already registered as an Artist Association of Macau, China and Portuguese-speaking Countries. Through this opportunity, we hope to create a center, increasing meetings with artists from Portuguese-speaking countries ” Ieong said.

The project’s architect is Ieong Tai Meng’s son, Eddie Ieong, who told Macau News Agency (MNA) that the whole concept behind the building is akin to ‘living in a museum”, where “artists reside and showcase their artwork”.

Eduardo Ambrósio chairman of ACIML said the “all Portuguese-speaking countries are welcome to Macau” and there are plans to subsidise the transport of artists, especially those “who are less well off and in the early stages of their career”, to reinforce “even more friendship with Portuguese-speaking people ”.

Ambrósio added that he expects that the arts centre will be up and running by 2022.