SME Corner: Rethink Coffee Roasters

[In this segment, Macau News Agency will seek to talk with local SMEs about the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on their business]

Following a trend shared by local F&B businesses, Rethink Coffee Roasters has been forced to rely on local clientele to sustain its business as visitor numbers were slashed by the Covid-19 crisis.

“Luckily we are focused on our audience, which is mostly locals. We lost about one-third of our sales due to the pandemic but I think we can still survive this crisis if it is not too prolonged,” its Director and founder, Andrew Chiang, told MNA.

A local cafe chain founded in 2015, Rethink Coffee Roasters currently has three stores, one at Broadway Macau, one at NAPE and another at Nam Vam. It also sells coffee both to wholesale clients, either restaurant, bars or the general public.

According to Andrew, Galaxy Entertainment Group – which operates the Broadway Macau property – accepted to waive rent payments for February but Rethink Coffee still had to pay the full rent for the other two stores.

The company employs about 12 people with one third being non-resident workers, with the company forced to find houses for workers now unable to return to Mainland China, as they would be forced to undergo a 14-day quarantine in Zhuhai if they intend to return to Macau.

“Our Mainland colleagues can’t go back, we had to find places for them to leave but our sales are decreasing and costs going up since we had to find places for them to live and it costs some thousands of MOP,” Andrew told MNA.

The local businessman considered that government support to repay bank loans up to MOP2 million could help in a way but the company’s main difficulty at the moment is extra costs caused to maintain its foreign labour in the city.

“Hotels have been used for quarantines so maybe the government and companies could share costs to house non-resident workers,” Andrew noted.