(Xinhua/Huang Wei)

Some 25 entry exemption requests received from non-residents in Hong Kong

Health authorities revealed today (Monday) that they have received 25 requests from non-residents wanting to enter Macau via Hong Kong.

Since September 15 non-residents who have remained in Hong Kong for at least 21 days are allowed to apply to Macau health authorities for an exemption to enter the city after September 20.

Since March, 2020 non-residents are not allowed to enter the Macau SAR, apart from some special exemptions, with the new measure the first time such policy is eased.

The policy covers people from five main categories, namely: those who have obtained a residence permit issued by a competent authority in Macau; those who have obtained the permit to stay as a non-local employee or the entry certificate for work purpose issued by the competent authority in Macau and their accompanying family members who have obtained the special permit to stay; spouses or close relatives of Macau residents; people who come to Macau to participate in important business, academic or professional activities; and students who have been admitted by Macau higher education schools.

According to Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre Coordinator Dr. Leong Iek Hou of the 25 requests received, most involve spouses or relatives of Macau residents, two students and two people looking to attend important commercial events in the city.

“The applications are still in the phase for submitting necessary documents. We have not authorised any request so far,” Dr. Leong added.

Applicants will also have to present a certificate of negative COVID-19 nucleic acid test when entering the SAR and will still have to complete a 14-day medical observation.