Some 38 projects under Gov’t investment and development plan with zero execution rate in 2020

Some 38 projects included in Macau government’s Investment and Development Expenditure Plan (PIDDA) had a zero execution rate as of September 2020, the Legislative Assembly (AL) Follow-up Committee for Public Finance Affairs revealed today (Monday).

These projects that failed to advance represented some MOP470 million (US$58.8 million) in authorised public expenses.

According to the committee’s chairman, the pandemic continued to impact the progress of the PIDDA’s this year due to difficulties in importing materials and specialized personnel, however, he noted that execution rate was still higher than in 2019.

As of the third quarter of last authorised budget of some MOP13.8 billion until the end of September, 2020, of which 44.6 per cent or MOP6.1 billion had already been used.

Committee chairman, Mak Soi Kun, noted that the total investment made just in the third quarter of 2020, some MOP3.4 billion, was also higher than the total for the first half of the year, with project development said to have picked and accelerated by the end of the year by “80 to 90 per cent”.

The committee also revealed that some six projects have maintained a zero execution rate from 2019 to the third quarter of 2020, with one MOP6.6 million project involving renewal works for the west wing of the Sports Bureau (ID) building having remained suspended since 2012 due to a court dispute.

“Last year we also insisted on this project, the problem is that we don’t know the result of this judicial order or when this construction will take place. We asked if the government has any solution for this […] with the ID responding that the judicial dispute is already in on its final steps,” legislator Mak Soi Kun noted.