Some 50,000 spectators reported during three-day 67th Grand Prix

The Sports Bureau Director, Paul Pun, has stated today (Sunday) that about 50,000 visitor arrivals were reported during in the three-day Macau Grand Prix period between November 20 and 22.

Despite social distancing measures implemented in the stands a number Pun considered to be according to the organisers’ expectations, with 7,000 spectators on Friday, 20,000 on Saturday and 23,000 on Sunday.

In 2019 about 86,000 spectators attended the usual four-day Grand Prix.

Pun classified the 67th Grand Prix as a “success” with spectators and drivers satisfied with an event held under the current pandemic circumstances in a shorter period, with several health prevention measures and with entry restrictions limiting the number of overseas participants.

The first day of the event on Friday the Macau SAR reported the highest number of visitor arrivals in the last nine months, some 28,000.