Some 600 taxis have still to install new smart terminal systems

A total of 1,200 local taxis have already installed the required smart terminal systems as of November 8, with 600 having yet to comply with the new legal requirement for the sector, the Transport Breau (DSAT) indicated.

Under taxi regulations enforced on June 3, 2019 local taxis are required to be equipped with a terminal including taximeter, global satellite navigation systems (GPS) tracking, plus sound and image recording equipment by December 3 of this year.

If a taxi provides passenger services without installing the relevant system in or the system fails to operate continuously, the taxi may be seized and its taxi license immediately suspended.

If the taxi driver continues to drive the taxi passenger service provided by the taxi when he is aware of this situation, he may be fined MOP30,000 (US$3,756).

So far these terminals have registered a total of more than 830,000 transactions data, with 102 irregular transaction data temporarily found.

‘DSAR has asked the supplier to send additional personnel to conduct investigations and arrange for stress testing under different scenarios to ensure its stability and accuracy. For abnormal situations determined to be caused by the supplier’s human installation or setting errors, it has requested the company will compensate the affected employees and follow up in accordance with the contract,’ DSAT added.

Local authorities have outsourced the installation and maintenance of the taxi management systems contract to New Leader Tecnologia Informatica (Macau), Lda, with the Macau government to pay the company MOP150 for installing the device.

However, taxi drivers are still required to pay MOP300 per month to maintain these devices, which has led to some complaints from the sector, claiming that this cost should also be covered by authorities.