Some public departments to reopen with limited services during post lockdown period

The public sector will only provide emergency services during this upcoming consolidation period, with different arrangements announced for services to the public, the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (SAFP) stated.

Public department services have been shuttered since July 11 when a partial lockdown has been enforced to contain the city’s worst outbreak since the start of the pandemic.

A partial lockdown easing period will now start tomorrow July 23 and end on July 30, with some essential and non-essential commercial establishments, public departments and some businesses allowed to resume limited operations.

The following are the planned arrangements for several public services during the new regulations as of now [Subject to future changes]:

Courts at all levels: Suspension of external services with only handling of urgent cases provided.

Public Prosecutions Office: Urgent cases, urgent services provided by the Criminal Prosecution Office and legal advice provided by the Offices of the Court of First Instance

Commission Against Corruption: Property and interest declaration office and community offices suspended for external services.

Productivity and Technology Transfer Center: Suspension of operations, cancellation or postponement of training courses, examinations and other activities.

Medical Dispute Resolution Centre: Suspension of external services.

Medical Incident Assessment Board: External services suspended.

Medical Professional Council: Temporary suspension of services and extension of the deadline for application for the 15 categories of medical personnel recognition examination to 26 July.

Services under the Chief Executive:

Office of Personal Data Protection: Temporary suspension of external services.

Macao Foundation: Suspension of external services. 

Under the Secretary of Administration and Justice:

Legal Affairs Bureau: Temporary suspension of external public services, death registration service maintained.

Municipal Affairs Bureau: Temporary suspension of external public services, maintaining of quarantine services, cleaning and disinfection of public places and facilities, and inspection.

Under the Secretary for Economy and Finance:

Macao Government Tourism Office: Suspension of non-urgent document submission, online service remains normal.

Economic and Technologic Development Bureau: All basic services suspended, supermarket waiting list website and temporary enquiry hotline (6886 6991) to continue to operate.

Monetary authority: External banking services are suspended. Urgent payment and settlement services such as scheduled cross-border settlements, medical supplies and payroll can be handled; self-service channels such as ATMs are operating normally.

Financial Services Bureau: All external services are suspended; self-service kiosks and online e-services continue to operate as usual.

Consumer Council: Set up a hotline a dedicated 8988 9315 to receive consumer complaints.

Trade and Investment Promotion Institute: Suspension of all external services.

Gaming Inspection and Co-ordination Bureau: Staff on duty at casinos will be suspended, but the opening procedures will be prepared in accordance with established procedures. Other services or applications can be submitted online or by phone.

Labour Affairs Bureau: All service points are closed for emergency and emergency and advisory services are available; applications for permission to employ non-resident staff for epidemic prevention work or other emergency situations can be submitted by email to [email protected].

Under the Secretary for Security

Security Police: Emergency extension of visitor permits, loss of entry documents for local residents and personal immigration records are available at the Immigration Office in Pac-on only; Traffic Accident Certificate applications remain normal. Various permit applications are suspended.

Judiciary Police: The Reporting and Emergency Operations Centre is uninterrupted and the Report Room remains operational. Appointments for statement taking and paternity testing will be cancelled.

Firefighter Corps: Emergency services are available. Emergency hotline 119, 120 or 2857 2222.

Under the Secretary for Social and Cultural Affairs:

Education and Youth Affairs Bureau: External services are suspended at the headquarters.

Social Welfare Bureau: Suspension of all basic services and maintenance of methadone treatment services only.

Drug control administration: Maintain customs clearance of drugs and infant formula; issue certificates for import and export of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, etc. by appointment at 8598 3507.

Social Security Fund: Suspension of all external services and extension of contribution period as appropriate.

Health Bureau: Blood donation van services suspended.

Under the Secretary for Public Works and Transport:

Transport Bureau: Suspension of external services, extensions of vehicle inspection or driving tests

Land and Urban Construction Bureau: Temporary suspension of basic external services, regular emergency services to be maintained.

Public Works Bureau: Temporary suspension of external services and postponement of public tenders.

Post office: General mail delivery service resumed on 23 July, registered mail will be sent by notice only. Express mail delivery service resumed. The Communication Museum will be closed until further notice.