Special Report – Arnaldo Ho

What better way to celebrate Macau Business’s 17th anniversary than to showcase 17 locals aged 35 and younger with the kind of talent that boosts our confidence in the future?

MB May 2021 Special Report | 17 talented young people

Arnaldo Ho

One of the youngest on our list, Arnaldo Ho already boasts a number of accomplishments. Possibly due to his family background – as the son of Stanley Ho and Angela Leong – he has set out to conquer his own space.

In a world like gaming, where senior positions tend to come only with decades of experience, Arnaldo Ho is an exception that confirms the rule. It’s not by chance that he’s the only one of our young talents involved in the casino business.

There are those who will say a child of Stanley Ho and Angela Leong was predestined for the industry. Probably. But not all of Stanley Ho’s children are in the business, and Arnaldo is not even the eldest of the patriarch’s children with Angela Leong.

In fact, Arnaldo impresses both by his mere 28 years and by the career he’s managed to build in that time.

After eight years studying Business Management at King’s College, London, Arnaldo began participating in the family business: with SJM (Sociedade de Jogos de Macau) where he is currently Director and President of International Business Development, exploring investment opportunities overseas, including in Japan; or with the Macau Theme Park Resort, a company led by his mother which is building an Integrated Resort (Lisboeta) on Cotai.

When reminded he was born in a golden cradle, Arnaldo replies that even in London he never lost his connection to Macau, and that when he joined SJM he started on the ground floor, having first learned, among other things, to be a dealer.

Angela Leong’s three eldest, Sabrina, Arnaldo and Mario (Alice, the youngest of the four, is still just 22), have the family business in common, though they work in different sectors. Arnaldo, however, seems chosen by his mother as the heir apparent: he is the face of the Lisboeta project, the only one of his siblings on the SJM board, and was even number three on the ticket headed by his mother in the last legislative elections.

This leads naturally to speculation about the September elections, and it’s certainly not out of the question to expect him at the top of the list in the medium term.

There’s another argument for that outcome: Arnaldo seems the nearest among his siblings to the reality of Macau, unlike the others who are closer to Hong Kong. “My father always instilled in me the idea of serving society, and I have never forgotten my roots in Macau,” he said in an interview.

Most of the young people on our list are over 30. Arnaldo Ho is one of the few in his twenties.