Special Report – José Chan Rodrigues

What better way to celebrate Macau Business’s 17th anniversary than to showcase 17 locals aged 35 and younger with the kind of talent that boosts our confidence in the future?

MB May 2021 Special Report | 17 talented young people

In 2010 he participated in a TDM program, and that experience changed his life. Today José Rodrigues Chan is the most requested emcee for local major events. And he already has his eyes set on the Mainland.

José Chan Rodrigues was born to a mixed Portuguese and Chinese family, and as a child he already spoke some Portuguese and Cantonese. Then he started studying at a school where English was also essential. Finally, he developed Putonghua, which he now speaks fluently.

In 2010 José Chan Rodrigues participated in the TDM program Make or Breakthrough, a competition for emcees that granted him “access to the emcee industry”. José didn’t need to win the show to begin a career at TDM and emerge as a new face in local show business circles.

Prior to that José had started emceeing while in high school, and while studying communications and theatre in the United States (at the University of California, San Diego), he continued to practice his craft at various collegiate events.

From 2010 on, everything was different. After Make or Breakthrough he began hosting another TDM TV show, Family Affairs, now one of the longest-running on the local public television station (2013 to the present).

José Chan Rodrigues was definitively launched into the entertainment industry, and step by step he became one of the faces of the local gaming industry, emceeing major events such as the G2E Asia Awards and IAG’s Asian Gaming Power 50 Gala Dinner. Other events to rely on José’s hosting talent have been the Miss Macau Pageant 2019, the International Film Festival Award Macau (IFFAM), MIT [explain or delete], and various countdown shows.

The last year in which life was normal – 2019 – was a very special year, since he worked on a number of shows and projects related to the Macau SAR’s 20th Anniversary celebrations, among them the Committee for the 20th Anniversary Theme Song.

Then along came COVID-19, and everything in the artistic sector got a great deal harder. Rather than ignore the problem, José took advantage of the “break” to invest his energy in the field of music: he has produced a new song, “Delay No More”, and with it he won the “Best Song Award” and “Best MV Award” from the Macau International Short Film Festival 2020.

“2021 is even more challenging to me and to everyone working in the entertainment industry,” he says, and he’s therefore trying to divert his efforts and time toward live-streamed marketing, an increasingly popular platform in mainland China. “I really hope this will help boost Macau’s economy and help Macau brands and products reach more customers around the world.” Speaking several languages has again proved an important asset in José’s life.

Before the pandemic, José had already predicted his future would increasingly take him through China. Now he has no doubts: “The lifespan of an artist in the entertainment industry is often not long, so I’m trying to seize the opportunities of these recent few years and gain more exposure with mainland audiences, to have an opportunity to let them know more about Macau and, of course, more about Macau’s entertainment industry and culture, as well.”

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