Special Report – Kenny Lei

What better way to celebrate Macau Business’s 17th anniversary than to showcase 17 locals aged 35 and younger with the kind of talent that boosts our confidence in the future?

MB May 2021 Special Report | 17 talented young people

Deeply involved with the local start-up community since 2017, he is one of the co-founders of the Macao Startup Club.

Kenny Lei is a hospitality technology expert and a software developer, but if you’re imagining a young nerd, shut in at home and surrounded by computers, you couldn’t be more wrong.

This young man (33) has devoted himself to collective causes for many years, and he dedicates a share of his time to promoting the local young entrepreneur community – so he’s a community builder.

He participated in the first Startup Weekend in 2017 and organized the first full Startup Weekend in Macau in 2018. That same year, he co-founded the Macao Startup Club “to continue supporting local start-ups and young entrepreneurs.” He knows what he’s talking about: before working on the Startup Weekends he had been trying to establish an IT company and is acquainted first-hand with the difficulty of starting a business.

With his help there have been more than 40 start-up events organized since 2017. These include networking sessions, workshops, seminars and five Startup Weekends. One of the latter was the Global Startup Weekend Sustainable Revolution, “to encourage entrepreneurs to redefine their business model in a more sustainable way”. Besides being a Macau Startup Club co-founder, he is also a Techstars Startup Weekend Facilitator.

More recently, during COVID-19, he promoted the Global Online Startup Weekend Macau – Covid-19, bringing together “people that are suffering in this pandemic to motivate them again”.

Kenny Lei defines himself as tech and data lover, with strengths as well in project management and design thinking.

He currently works as Manager of Strategic Analysis of Revenue Optimization and Strategic Analysis in SJM Macau. Throughout the past decade he’s being amassing experience in the hospitality industry. Before SJM, he worked for Sheraton / St. Regis and Wynn Palace.

He currently works as Manager of Strategic Analysis of Revenue Optimization and Strategic Analysis in SJM Macau

After earning his Business Administration Bachelor from the University of Macau, he worked at the Macau branch of G4S (“the leading global, integrated security company, specialising in the provision of security services and solutions to customers”). “This inspired me to see how technology can help in traditional industry. From here on, I hope I can see that change happening in Macau – becoming more open to change and innovation,” he says.

Kenny Lei was born in Macau and attended high school at the Instituto Salesiano.

When he’s not at the computer or handling business with the start-up community, Kenny enjoys travelling and photography.

He has been a Scout since 1999, and it was with the Scouts that he started on his path of community service. He now heads the Activity Division of the local Scout Association.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – these words, inspired by a quote of Mahatma Gandhi’s, are Kenny’s life motto.

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