Special Report – Venus Loi

What better way to celebrate Macau Business’s 17th anniversary than to showcase 17 locals aged 35 and younger with the kind of talent that boosts our confidence in the future?

MB May 2021 Special Report | 17 talented young people

These young people are good at multitasking – never focused on just one goal. Venus Loi is, among many other things, one of the faces of the organization Startup Weekend Macao and Macau’s first TEDx event, TEDxSenadoSquare.

If you’ve read the other 16 profiles in this special report, you might easily draw a number of parallels between them: almost all of these young people studied outside Macau then returned home to help build a better future.

The same is true of our 17th and last profiled: having completed her basic studies in Macau (Colégio de Santa Rosa de Lima), Venus Loi left for England and spent two years interning at The Royal High School, Bath. When the time came for higher education, she stayed on in England and chose Durham University.

But there is at least one point on which Venus differs from the other 16: many of them discovered their “vocation” while studying abroad – not at home. Venus Loi reveals, “I grew up debating with my parents about social issues such as environmental problems, poverty, education, equality and innovation. Although our views often diverged, that helped me think critically and reinforced my interest in contributing to society as much as I can.”

Venus chose to pursue a qualification as an urban data analyst, a little-known profession that involves analysing people’s behaviour. She did some analytical work on transportation in Macau and found, for instance, that people are actually used to walking as a primary mode of transport, in contrast to the common belief that most people drive and are not environmentally friendly.

Without losing interest in her area of training – she remains concerned with sustainable urban development, transport planning, smart mobility and urban design (she is currently preparing a master’s degree in this area) – she really prefers “connecting people and technology in order to contribute to a city that values quality of life” over working as an urban data analyst.

It is this desire for collaborations and leadership roles that has led to her getting involved in the organization of Startup Weekend Macao and curating Macau’s first TEDx event, TEDxSenadoSquare.

Venus is just 27, but she has already worked in areas as diverse as technology, transportation, research, consulting and government relations. For a year and a half (2019–2020) she was part of Wynn Macau’s Office of Community and Government Relations, with a mission “to bring positive social impact to society, with corporate support. We are constantly thinking of new ways to engage with the local community by hosting different events and programs.”

At the same time, she’s been a rowing athlete on the Macau Team since 2016, having participated in several international competitions.

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