Special transport from Hong Kong airport is now ended

Tuesday was the last day agreed between Macau and Hong Kong to allow special transportation of Macau residents to the MSAR. The last day saw 129 residents to arrive through Hong Kong airport.

The overwhelming majority of people who arrived in Macau via international destinations, other than Asia, landed at Hong Kong International Airport and only then do they came to Macau via the longest bridge in the world that joins the two territories.

However, Hong Kong, in a very similar measure also applied in Macau, has been banning all non-residents in the semi-autonomous region of China for a few days, making it virtually impossible for Macau residents to reach ‘home’.

“Due to this worldwide development (…) we no longer have this operation”, as of Wednesday, said during Tuesday’s press conference the head of the licensing and inspection department of the Macau Tourism Bureau, Inês Chan, justifying that most countries in the world are currently applying strong border controls.

In total, the Government of Macau has sought 2,007 people through institutionalized transport to support residents and thus quarantine 14 days in the territory.

Also at today’s press conference, authorities said 2,858 people were quarantined in 12 hotels converted into isolation centers in Macau as a preventive measure in the face of the covid-19 outbreak.

At today’s press conference, the authorities indicated that of the 3,588 suspected cases in Macau, 3,533 were excluded by the authorities, with eleven awaiting analysis results.

In the last 24 hours, 610 tests were carried out, the health authorities stressed.

With Lusa