Spending on heritage maintenance doubled in 2018 to MOP40 mln

Macau (MNA) – The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) told MNA that it spent some MOP40 million (US$4.95 million) in heritage maintenance and repairing works during the whole year of 2018.

The amount spent last year corresponds to double the amount invested in heritage conservation in 2017 when the Bureau spent some MOP20 million.

The IC also said that in the last two years, ‘one third to half’ of the total cost spent with heritage preservation works was used in the Macao Historic Centre, a UNESCO-listed area.

In 2018, reparation works were carried out in several heritage buildings located in the Historic Centre including the Saint Augustine Church, Dom Pedro V Theatre, and the Mandarin House.

Macau was inscribed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage list in 2005.