Stanley Ho nephew Hotel Lisboa prostitution ring trial prison sentence increased

The Court of Second Instance (TSI) has ruled to increase the prison term of Alan Ho Yau Lun – former Hotel Lisboa executive director and nephew of gaming tycoon Stanley Ho Hung Sun – for his involvement in prostitution ring at the local casino-hotel from 13 months to eight years. 

Alan Ho had been handed the original sentence from the Court of First Instance (TJB) in March 2016 but was immediately released as he had remained under custody for 14 months for the trial, with the businessman believed to have left Macau being released from jail that year.

The defendants of the case had their criminal association charges dropped but were accused of financially profiting from prostitution in the court decision, however, in April of the same year Public Prosecutor’s Office (MP) had decided to dust off the files on the six defendants in the Hotel Lisboa prostitution case and take it to the Court of Second Instance, with Ho now charged with criminal association and exploiting prostitution activities

The TSI also increased the sentence handed to Kelly Wang – the former assistant manager of the ‘Young, Single Ladies’ prostitution racket at Hotel Lisboa – was increased to six years for the same charges.

In the 2016 first court ruling considered proven that Hotel Lisboa, a property of SJM Holdings, had 120 rooms available for prostitutes on the fifth and sixth floors.

Wang was in charge of ensuring the girls had rooms but in exchange for this she would charge some girls, without the knowledge of Alan Ho, a fee ranging from RMB100,000 (US$14,400 / MOP123,180) to RMB150,000.

Meanwhile, Kelly’s assistant, Qiao Yan Yan, former hotel security chief Bruce Mak, and former Hotel Lisboa manager, Peter Lu, all saw their prison sentences increased to five years, with former employee Pun Cham Un receiving four years and eight months.