Sun Yee On leader arrested for money laundering

Hong Kong triad group leader Lee Yuk-tim was arrested by Hong Kong police on Tuesday for laundering HK$267 million (US$33.2 million), which reportedly involves illegal loan sharking activities in Macau casinos.
According to Hong Kong media reports, the suspect and his wife were arrested in a police action named ‘Hardfrost’ on Tuesday. The two were suspected to have laundered the money via seven different bank accounts between August 2007 and October 2014.
Mr. Lee – a.k.a ‘Ghost Tim’ and a former president of the Hong Kong Muay Thai Association – has been recognised as one of the leaders of Hong Kong triad gang Sun Yee On.
In 1996, Lee was arrested in Macau for several offences following his flight from Hong Kong for several years. He was later jailed in his home city for eight months, according to South China Morning Post.