Suncity announces employee exit support plan

Junket group Suncity has launched a “Personal Career Reshaping Plan”, offering several benefits for employees who opt voluntarily to leave the company, Chinese language newspaper Macao Daily reported.

In a letter issued to employees and signed by CEO, Alvin Chau, the company mentions the “severe challenge” that the pandemic has caused globally to all industries while adding that its performance has been severely affected.

‘For the company’s sustainable development, it is necessary to change the strategy, optimize the organizational structure, retain the core business, and respond to changes in the market environment,’ the letter adds.

Therefore the company decided to launch a retirement plan, including exclusive bonuses and benefits, such as extra allowances for employees over 60 years old, partial full payment of provident funds, an extension of medical insurance coverage, and career planning support services.

This plan was described as being entirely voluntary, with Suncity expressing it hoped employees would actively consider it so that they can ‘make good use of their time during the pandemic, improve themselves, and re-plan their lives’.

Pandemic-related restrictions and new Chinese government criminal law amendments targeting ‘cross-border gambling’ that came into effect on March 1 have dealt a double blow to the junket sector in the SAR, with several licensed junkets asking employees to opt for non-paid leave schemes or early retirement plans.