Suncity CEO to attend immersive storytelling event

The CEO and founder of Suncity Group, Alvin Chau, is set to attend an immersive storytelling event named ‘Moti Talk Macau 2021: The Search for Utopia’ described by the organisers MOTI Events as a ‘5D storytelling exprience’.

According to promotional materials from the company the event, which does not provide yet a set date, will take place at Studio City featuring ‘inspiring content, talk and multimedia’ with a line-up including the junket and hotel businessman; Hong Kong actor and singer Dicky Cheung Wai-kin, professional swimmer and singer Alex Fong Chung-sun, and Taiwanese actress Annie Liu Xin-you.

Moti describes itself as a ‘storytelling company’ focused on producing artistic content and delivering immersive experiences to ‘inspire humanity in discovering our inner utopia’ aiming to ‘express its brand values’ through music, animation, TV series, theme park attractions to ‘inspire the world, in endless and infinite ways’.

‘We are a community of artists that are endlessly curious about the mysterious wonders of life and the elusive nature of existence. We are explorers, discovering different perspectives and navigating the multiplicity of life and humanity through storytelling,’ the company states on its website.

Moti indicates to be able to turn a brand story into a fully immersive ‘art storytelling innovation’ morphed into a MotiTalk event, described as a 5 to 7 minutes 5D interactive experience where the audience can ‘see, hear, touch, feel and connect with the brand’s core values.

Some of its future products would include animated shorts, in-depth interviews and a ‘fictional biography’ said to present real-life experiences in ‘immersive, surreal, and deeply symbolic ways’.

The company’s founders include CEO Pak Chau – son of Alvin Chau – and Ray Yang, with Mathew Tsang as its COO.

The company’s honorary advisors also include the Chairman Of Anzac Group Company Limited and Director Of Tai Fung Bank Company Limited, Keving Ho; the CEO Of Sun Entertainment Limited, Jones Chong Cho Lam and the Founder Of Flash Forward Entertainment, Patrick Huang.

The company also hinted it planned to organise a MotiFest event in Bali, Indonesia in 2022.