Suspected murder of five cats in Ocean Gardens only reported one month after bodies were found – Police

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) and the Public Security Police Force (CPSP) have indicated that they are investigating the alleged murder of five cats at the Ocean Gardens residential complex in Taipa, but also revealed that they ere only notified this month when the incident was said to have already taken place in December of last year.

It was recently revealed that the management of the residential complex placed an announcement in the building on January 11 indicating that it had referred the case to police authorities after a resident was suspected of having killed five cats by throwing them out of his apartment.

According to the IAM, the municipal authorities received a notice from the Ocean Gardens Management on January 5 this year and dispatched staff to follow-up the matter, however, the team was then informed that the cat’s bodies had been found on December 19.

“As the incident occurred for more than half a month and the scene has been cleaned up, the IAM staff failed to collect further evidence. Since the case may involve animal cruelty, the police were notified,’ the IAM added.

In its own announcement the CPSP indicated it was notified on January 6, but also expressed that when it went to the location the bodies of the cats had already been removed.

The city department then urged the public not to dispose of the carcasses of any animal suspected of cruelty to animals or unknown causes of death by themselves, and to immediately report the matters to the police and the IAM.

Under the Animal Protection Law, anyone who intentionally injures or tortures an animal can be sentenced to a maximum of one year’s imprisonment or a maximum 120 day fine.

‘At the same time, animal owners are also reminded to install and regularly inspect animal fall prevention facilities to avoid accidents,’ the department added.