Taipa LRT suffered two malfunctions in three days

The Taipa Light Rapid Transit Line (LRT) has suffered two malfunctions in the last three days.

Yesterday the system was suspended from 2:50pm to 3:34pm between the Taipa Ferry terminal station and the Macau International Airport station, with residents indicating that only passengers who did not enter the station gates were provided with a transfer to other modes of transportation.

The company responsible for the system has not provided any note on this malfunction but it did provide information about an incident on July 7, at around 07:00 this morning, the train service of Taipa line was suspended between Ocean Station and Lotus Checkpoint Station for a period of time

According to the Macao Rapid Transit Line Corporation the malfunction was due to a suspected power supply failure, with shuttle buses arranged at 7:40am for the passengers with need, with the train service resumed at 08:10am.

‘MLM is now following up the issue, and will review the news release mechanism together with Transport Bureau (DSAT) and MTR (Macau),’ the company stated.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the average number of passengers per day has dropped from 16,000 in January to 1,500 in June.