Taiwan-Macau fresh pork shipments restart following a 24-year pause

For the first time in 24 years, a fresh pork shipment from Taiwan to Macau was carried out, the Taiwanese Council of Agriculture (COA) stated, according to Focus Taiwan.

According to the report, Taiwan was declared by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) in June as foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) free zone.

FMD is a severe, highly contagious viral disease of livestock and must be reported to the OIE, with an official list of disease-free countries established, and divided into regions free of the disease with or without using vaccination

An FMD outbreak in Taiwan in 1997 had led to a ban on exports of fresh pork products, with several steps having been completed by the island until it managed to receive its most recent FMD free without vaccination status.

Following its inclusion in this list, Taiwan initiated trade talks with other countries and regions in the region, including Japan, Singapore and Macau, which has become the first region to reinstate pork shipments.

The COA deputy chief Huang Chin-cheng reportedly indicated last Friday, that gaming operators in Macau have placed orders with Taiwanese hog farmers for refrigerated meat of about 200 pigs per week for their restaurants, with a 550-kilogram trial shipment delivered to Macau that day through a StarLux Airlines flight.