Macau | The 13 Hotel granted operating licences

Macau (MNA) – The Macau Government Tourism Office (MGTO) told Macau News Agency (MNA) that it has issued a hotel licence to The 13 Hotel as well as for the establishments located inside the property.

The property had requested licences for hotel, food and beverage, health club and bar operations.

Last month, the company responsible for developing the luxury hotel, South Shore Group, indicated that a re-inspection of The 13 Hotel has been conducted by the MGTO on July 23, with the department awaiting ‘opinions from technical departments’ for issuing the license.

The property had failed an initial inspection because of several defects concerning the activation and operating of the passenger lifts and the finishing of guest-rooms and in-room facilities, including switches, televisions, and other issues.

In its most recent financial report the company only indicated that the hotel opening should take place on or before August 31.

At this moment, no opening date was provided in the hotel’s website.

The luxury hotel in Coloane – with construction expenses previously estimated at some HK$1.3 billion (US$165.6 million) – will now finally be able to open after multiple delays since the project was first started in 2013.

The hotel’s development delays were previously attributed to the dip registered in the local VIP gaming sector after the start of Chinese President Xi Jinping anti-corruption campaign.

The property was designed by architect Peter Marino and it has a gross floor area of approximately 87,800 square metres, with 200 duplex suites and villas with sizes ranging from about 48 square metres to 916 square metres – including a royal villa of about 1,843 square metres

The hotel will also include a Michelin star L’Ambroisie from a Parisian restaurant branch with some 100 seats.

The company also previously announced a US$20 million order for 30 customised Rolls-Royce Phantom luxury cars, for use of the property’s guests.

South Shore has maintained that the casino in the property is expected to open by 31 March 2019 with 66 tables.

On January, 2018 the company responsible for the project saw its joint chairman, executive director and founder, Hong Kong investment banker Stephen Hung, resign from his functions and replaced by Peter Lee Coker Jr. as sole chairman.

Starting as port and infrastructure group Paul Y. Engineering Group Ltd. (PYE), the hotel developing company, changed its name several times, changing to Louis XIII Holdings Ltd. first, then to The 13 Holdings Ltd and finally to South Shore.

On 28 June 2017, the Company agreed to sell its indirect interests of 51.76 per cent in its legacy company PYE to Precious Year Limited and Tycoon Bliss Limited for a consideration of HK$300 million.

In October 2017, the company announced it was raising ‘urgent funds’ in the amount of some HK$2 billion through a combination of funds, debt, and loans, and saying afterwards that it managed to raise approximately HK$973 million in net proceeds for the hotel development project through rights issue.

Nevertheless as of March 31, 2018, the company recorded some HK$1.5 billion in impairment losses, more 3,429 per cent yearly that on the same period of last year.

‘We expect consolidated losses to continue until the hotel is operational and generating revenue. We believe that our niche strategy targeting a global clientele of customers seeking a unique luxury experience remains well positioned in the Macau market,’ the company said in their last report.