The challenges of tourism at WTCC

Barack Obama is the special guest of the 19th WTCC Global Summit that starts on Tuesday in Seville with 1,500 world tourism leaders

In a year celebrating 500 years of circumnavigation of the world, initiated by a Portuguese – Fernão de Magalhães – to the service of the King of Spain, Seville receives today and until Thursday the 19th WTCC Global Summit, this year dedicated to the tourism industry global changes. 

Some of the world’s leaders will be in attendance, including those from international hotel chains to major credit cards and online booking sites, along with several of the gurus in this industry that move millions of people and countless billions of dollars.

But the person most likely to ‘steal’ the show of this edition that brings about 1,500 political and economic leaders to the Spanish Andalusian capital is Barack Obama.

The 44th American President will share his leadership experience with the audience in a moderated conversation by Christopher Nassetta, President and CEO of Hilton and the Chairman of the World Travel & Tourism Counsel.

The choice of Seville is more than symbolic. It was from this city that circumnavigation began exactly half a millennium ago. The oceans made the first globalization known. Today, world leaders are looking at the oceans, but with other concerns: sustainability, inclusion, and innovation.

Travel & Tourism is one of the leading sectors stimulating economic growth and employment worldwide. In 2017, the industry grew at 4.6 per cent, and generated US$8.3 trillion in GDP and 313 million jobs.

*Project Asia Corp. was invited by WTCC