The end of an incompetent era

This Sunday, 31 of July 2016, is the last day of the term of the concessions of lands in the Nam Van Area. And they will expire, for sure, if we are to believe what was said by our Chief Executive in his latest address.
Billions and billions of dollars will be requested from the Macau Special Administrative Region to compensate – in most of the cases – the incompetent (in) actions of the third Macau Government, including the person who has been responsible for Public Works since the Ao Man Long case.
A huge amount of money from public reserves will be paid to the concessionaires who tried everything to have the land plots developed, but saw only inaction from a Secretary during almost eight years.
He, together with members of the Legislative Assembly who voted in favour of the new land law, without reservation and without analyzing the outcome of the pending cases, must be also accountable for this.
In case the Macau SAR is obliged to compensate the concessionaires – and I cannot believe it will not be, as I still believe in justice – then there is only one way to save our public funds and our population: initiate proceedings against the former Secretary and all who were involved in these cases, as well as the members of the Legislative Assembly who, instead of defending our SAR and pursuing the public interest and what was stated in the law, have driven the city to a situation whereby what has been done in the last 15 years could have very serious consequences.
In this specific matter of the Nam Van Lake area, but also in relation to other plots of land, we may consider that the old Macau has come to an end – an incompetent and painful end. This may be good news, of course. We now have a Secretary who not only abides by what is stated in the law, but can, at the same time, put aside hidden interests of powerful people and make things happen.
On the other hand, I have to admit to myself that this case – among others – is a clear indication of the incompetence of most of our leaders, who, delighted by the piles of dollars generated by the gaming industry, have not prepared the city for the aftermath. I am of the view that now, high level officials in Beijing may be considering taking measures against them. Whether they are strong or not, I cannot tell. But, in some countries, this type of situation could have been a strong reason for Prime-Ministers or Ministers to resign. I guess it will not be the case in Macau.