The future is dying

The continued bans on journalists from entering Macau by the security forces will continue.

Increasing pressures on the media, including those in the SAR, will also continue because those are the new orientations passed on to the current leadership of the security forces and well received by that leadership, which has long waited for greater freedom of action.

Concerns about the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping only serve to make more visible a strategy that has long been designed and not only aimed at the media.

And it is a pity that it is so. It is a clear setback in the individual freedoms and rights to which Macau was used, with few bad exceptions in the past.

And it is most pitiful when this small town does not justify draconian measures that will only undermine the confidence of all those who have long learned to appreciate their freedom and their rights.

These continuous attacks aim to have a city subdued by force and create the silence of fear to ensure the continued subsidization of their clientele, paid to worship power as it happens in any autocratic state.

The future of Macau has fallen into agony. It is important that something is done to ensure that Macau’s position over the years is not undermined by unjustified fears of a small group that think only brute force can guarantee the peace of the privileged classes.