The world warms up!

The election of Trump is a lesson that serves to humiliate the U.S. itself. But the American people did not understand it and allowed the aberration in which the candidate with the most votes did not emerge the winner. It happened in recent times with Al Gore, and now again with Clinton. The Americans must solve their own problem!
Unfortunately, this big problem is going to affect all of us.
Our great concern, as citizens of the world, has to do with this unprecedented aggressiveness, circulating all over the world, against civilization and human values.
The fight against Daesh cannot be used as a weapon for disrespecting the values that shape our civilization and make us different from the terrorists who entertain themselves by killing innocents around the world!
No cause or reason justifies these two types of aberrations!
I do not know this America. It is not great, it is small; it is too small for what it deserves.
Globalization and the mediocrity of political leaders have led to a few people accumulating a fortune of more than 90 percent of the world’s wealth!
The world is sick, severely unbalanced and unstable. And those who could medicate it remain committed to keeping it in this state of collective madness! Environmentally, politically and economically!
And the Paris Agreement needs America.
Economics commands politics, it has always been so. The political class lives on favours from the great predators of the economy, and money continues to buy almost everything – fortunately not all, but almost all, unfortunately.
Trump used the intelligence of the most backward, and a lot of lies along the way, in the face of a problem that belongs to all of us and must be addressed in a global and perfectly coordinated way: terrorism that kills indiscriminately and globalization without social precepts conceived merely for productive and economic efficiency.
We must be able to find an outlet, with values and for the values. We need new leaders and new politics capable of addressing simple questions of solidarity, fraternity and freedom, the only things that can make civilization move towards progress, which means greater equality and respect!
We don’t all need to be entrepreneurs and political leaders, but we need clean entrepreneurs capable of assuming the leadership of a social economy, far away from practices facilitating the surge of corrupted leaders.
At the end of the day, everybody has to eat, breed and enjoy life! Non-human animals included, sorry for the reminder.