There will be 3.6 sq/m of green and public leisure areas per capita by 2040 – Gov’t

The Macau SAR Urban Master Plan would ensure that at least ​​3.6 square meters of green spaces and public leisure areas per capita by 2040, the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) indicated today (Thursday).

According to the department, about 8 per cent of the future 36.8 square kilometres of the Macau SAR by 2040 will be allocated to green areas or open public spaces, which considering estimates that by then the local population would reach 808,000 people, would represent some 3.6 square meters of green areas/open public spaces per resident,

If the future 18 per cent of land area that is proposed be used for ecological conservation areas by 2040 is included in the calculations, the department considered that 12 square meters of green areas will be available per resident.

‘Thus being able to guarantee that the general area for green areas or open public spaces in Macau reaches a proportion that allows the successive improvement of the general quality of the urban environment and the quality of life of the population,’ the DSSOpt added.

The department also indicates that the urban development plans in the neighbouring cities of Shenzhen and Hong Kong, with the neighbouring SAR planning to increase its ​​public spaces area to 2.5 square meters per person by 2030.

Proposed public green areas and ecological areas

The increase in green and public areas would focus on the north and east areas of the Macau Peninsula, north Taipa and the Inner Harbour.

This would include the development of a ​​41 hectares land reclamation near the Areia Preta district, with a size equivalent to that of Hong Kong’s two Victoria Gardens, in order to create an area green or large open public space on the Macau Peninsula.

The green riverside corridor and the green central corridor of New Area Zone A – whish is planned to house 28,000 people in the future – will also be interconnected int he North-South and East-West axis of the reclaimed area, in order to transform it into a ‘greener city with better living conditions’.

Meanwhile, the Macau Peninsula south riverside is to have a continuous green space, consisting of riverside green corridors and gardens, with an approximate area of ​​23 hectares, of which about 4.8 hectares will be allocated to a marginal garden to South of Nam Van Lake and a coastal garden south of the new commercial area with an area of ​​about 6.2 hectares, a similar in size to the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Municipal Park.

The department also indicated that New Areas Zones C and D near North Taipa would include 39 hectares of green areas or riverside open public spaces, although local authorities are still to confirm if the Zone D reclamation will actually go forward.

Through these riverside areas, the coastal line between South and North will be connected. A cycle path will be built with a connection to Taipa, which will form an integral part of the Taipa cycle path, creating a green and low carbon-emitting community neighbourhood,’ the department states

Recently the New Macau Association warned that the Urban Master Plan would actually cause irreversible environmental damage to the city due to building height limits proposed and other development plans included in the document under republic consultation until November 2.