Three generations racing for the first time in the same Macau Grand Prix race

For the first time in its history the Macau Grand Prix will have a family with members from three generations competing in the same race running in the Guia Circuit, as Lo Hung Pui, Lo Ka Chun and Lo Pak Yu – a rare grandfather, father and son racing trio – prepares to compete in this year’s Macau GT Cup.

All three Hong Kong drivers will compete for the same team, 778 Auto Sport, but while 19-year-old, Lo Pak Yu, will have his debut in the local iconic track, his 43-year old father, Lo Ka Chun, has managed three 1st places in past GP touring championships, while 67-year-old grandfather Lo Hung Pui managed several podium positions since his debut in the 1980’s.

Lo family pit garage

Lo Ka Chun and Lo Pak Yu have even raced together in the 2019 Sepang 1000km Endurance Race at the Sepang International Circuit, both managing a 12th finish in Class S, and at the Thailand 600 Super Endurance Race in 2018, where both finished first.

This week the three were also awarded a certificate by the Macau Grand Prix Organizing Committee to in recognition of them being the first family with members from three generations to compete in the same race in the history of the Grand Prix.

The first Macau GT Cup Qualifying race will take place tomorrow (Saturday) at 10:30am.