Time to give the example

The Chief Executive has an excellent opportunity to attract the attention of the gaming operators. He will attract more than attention by passing on a message that will certainly be read very clearly: “Corporate Social Responsibility is not just advertising,” he said today.

Even if the gaming operators wanted to disagree, saying that they are the ones who have contributed the most, they have to listen and swallow the message. One day, this COVID-19 problem will be just a bad memory, while Macau will continue to be a cash cow to gaming operators for many good years.

With the decision of the new licenses still to be taken, Ho Iat Seng has the biggest argument at his disposal: Who does not contribute as expected?

However, the Chief Executive shouldn’t just look at gaming operators. He should also pass the message on to other companies and industries that have enjoyed enormous prosperity in Macau and have contributed little or nothing at all. Ho Iat Seng is a businessman and has access to inside information; even if doesn’t know which ones – which we clearly doubt – he can easily find out.

But the CE must also look within his own government. The promise to support SMEs is being undermined from within by some of the MSAR services themselves. They have cut contracts that they maintained and are taking advantage of this moment to postpone decisions.

It is easy to point the finger at the gaming operators, but we would like at the same time for the government to put the money where their mouth is. They should do this for real, not just as an advertising stunt.