Tokyo lowers medical system alert to lowest after record low daily cases of COVID-19

Japanese experts on Thursday lowered Tokyo’s COVID-19 healthcare system alert level to the lowest after an infection assessment meeting with Tokyo Metropolitan Government officials.

The decision comes after the capital confirmed only five new infections in the previous day, the lowest of this year.

The alert level of the infection situation has been kept at the lowest since Oct. 28, and experts are now believing that medical institutions are capable of balancing treatment for the COVID-19 patients with ordinary care in a stable manner.

It is the first time that the alerts for both infection status and the healthcare system have been at the lowest level since the meetings began in July of last year.

The number of daily confirmed COVID-19 cases has declined sharply across Japan after the inoculation program was expanded to the general population, with the rate of fully vaccinated exceeding 75 percent as of Nov. 24, according to the government data.

Inoculation program for the COVID-19 booster shots will start as early as December, the government has said. Those who want to get the booster shot need to wait for at least eight months after they received their second doses.

The health ministry also plans to expand the vaccination program to children under 12 years old, which is possibly to start in February 2022.