Travel restrictions between Macau and Mainland China eased for non-residents

Starting from midnight of May 5 foreign non-residents who are already in Macau will be able to leave for Mainland China and return to the SAR without having to complete a quarantine, health authorities announced today (Tuesday).

Among those covered by the measure are relatives of Macau residents who were granted an exemption or special authorisation to be in the SAR, for example for a family reunion, or hold an entry permit for work purposes.

“The people covered by this new policy are those who are not residents of Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Mainland of China, that is, foreigners. Previously in order to enter Macau, people had to stay 21 days in China, the new dispatch says that in addition to Mainland China people may also have been in Macau in the previous 21 days. That is it covers those who have not left Macau or China,” Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre Coordinator Dr. Leong Iek Hou said.