Treasure Hotel

Treasure Hotel staff under closed-loop tests positive for COVID-19

A worker subject to closed-loop management at Treasure Hotel, which is being used as a medical observation facility, has tested positive for COVID-19, the Novel Coronavirus Coordination and Response Centre announced.

The positive nucleic acid test result has led health authorities to require some people staying at Treasure Hotel to extend their medical observation period until August 20.

Considering that staff working at the medical observation hotel have a high risk of infection, health authorities have drawn up guidelines, which require regulatory entities and hotels to specifically comply with them, namely high-risk workers must undergo a nucleic acid test at least once every two days.

If a worker is detected as a positive case, the person and all those who had contact with him will need to undergo quarantine, while strengthened pandemic prevention measures will be adopted, the Centre added.

Treasure Hotel has been operating as a ‘specialised medical observation hotel’ since last December.