Trilingual medical guide to be published tomorrow

The Portuguese Oriental Institute (IPOR) will launch its first trilingual guide of medical terms in Portuguese, Chinese and English tomorrow, designed to serve health professionals, patients and students in Macau, news agency Lusa reported.
The Trilingual Lexical Guide for Health includes a total of 5,700 entries of medical terms, with Portuguese the source language, covering various medical areas such as pediatrics, ophthalmology, cardiology, dermatology, and psychiatry, among others.
The project was developed with the support of the Portuguese Medical Association, and the Macau Cardiology Association (MCA).
Cardiologist Mário Évora, the Association’s president, perceives the guide can serve both users and doctors, stressing its help for Portuguese-speaking health professionals.
The MCA president reckons the new trilingual guide will benefit health professionals who have patients from Mainland China with medical reports – which are sometimes hard to be translated into Portuguese.
“We always deal with the Chinese population who come to us with their medical reports […] When there are complicated terms, the nurses themselves have difficulty in translating,” Mr. Évora told Lusa.
Made in Macau
The medical professional added that the guide would also be helpful to patients as they can check the translation for the medical condition’s technical terms once they are informed.
Mr. Évora described the guide as “very complete” and praised the fact that it had been produced in Macau, saying: “We need to highlight that the [translation] problem was addressed and resolved here in Macau . . . Now we don’t have to resort to translations of other [guides] from English to Chinese that are published in Hong Kong. This is our work” *with Lusa