Turkey says will not allow ‘fait accompli’ on Greek border

Turkey on Saturday said it would not allow any “fait accompli” on its border with Greece after Athens complained to Ankara in a dispute over the exact boundary of the Evros river that divides the two countries. 

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias on Wednesday said there was a “dispute” with Ankara, saying: “The riverbed has changed.”

Greek reports said Friday Turkish troops had occupied a strip of land that is normally submerged at this time of year, and is on Greece’s side of the border.

Ankara has informed Greece that the riverbed “has significantly changed due to natural and artificial reasons” since 1926 when the border was established and that technical coordination was needed for a solution, the Turkish foreign ministry said in a statement. 

The ministry said the dispute could be resolved through talks between the two countries’ technical delegations — a proposal Ankara had offered to Athens.

“We will by no means allow any fait accompli on our borders,” the ministry warned.

In March, thousands of migrants faced off with riot police at the Greek border after Turkey opened its doors for migrants to leave its territory for Europe.