Two cases of suspected Wuhan pneumonia still being followed – Health Bureau

The Health Bureau (SS) has announced that it has implemented various prevention and control measures after the Wuhan pneumonia outbreak, including strengthening surveillance, prevention and disease controls in the city borders, health institutions and communities, and with two suspected cases in the city still under surveillance.

In December of last year, several cases of pneumonia caused by a new strain of coronavirus were detected in the city of Wuhan, Hubei Province, with about 41 people in Wuhan infected and one fatality.

According to the SS from January 1, 2020 until now eleven suspected cases were recorded of people who have been in Wuhan and reported symptoms of fever and respiratory tract within 14 days after arriving Macau.

In nine of these cases, the possibility of being Wuhan pneumonia has already been ruled out with two cases still being evaluated, namely, a 37-year-old female Wuhan city resident and a 22-year-old Macau resident who are still under quarantine for treatment at the hospital.

Both were said to have no fever or pneumonia and are in a stable state.

The Chinese National Health Commission has also stated that as of midnight of January 12, no new cases of pneumonia with new coronavirus infection were reported in Wuhan.

The SS added it is keeping close contact with the National Health Commission and ensures that it is prepared to respond to various sudden contagious diseases, through continuous training provided to medical teams on disease control and detection and with sufficient supplies of medicines equipment and facilities available in Macau.