Two local residents placed under medical observation for indirect close contact in Zhuhai

Two Macau residents were classified as secondary close contacts and placed under medical observation after staying in Zhuhai.

According to health authorities, Guangdong authorities notified them that these two residents had lived in Zhuhai between July 31 and August 1 with two people from other provinces and cities, and these two had contact with a confirmed or asymptomatic case.

The two referred people from other provinces had been in the same train (D5816) on July 27, with confirmed infected or asymptomatic people, hence they were classified as close contacts.

The two Macau residents – a 25-year-old woman and an 18-year-old man – returned to Macau on August 1 via the Gongbei Border and stayed at home, but left for activities wearing a mask on August 2.

Yesterday (Monday) the Health Bureau sent the two residents to the Special Emergency Service of the Conde S. Januario Hospital, to perform a nucleic acid test, with their results coming back negative.

None of the two showed any symptoms, but, taking into account the risk of infection, they were subjected to medical observation in facilities designated by the Health Bureau.

Currently, 19 people are under medical observation at the Alto de Coloane Public Health Clinical Center: five people with asymptomatic infections; three diagnosed cases from abroad of relapse of asymptomatic infection; one person in isolation for rehabilitation; one individual from high-risk areas with positive antibodies and ten close contacts.