U.S. Oregon governor issues new residential eviction ban amid COVID-19, wildfires

Governor of the U.S. state of Oregon Kate Brown on Monday issued a new moratorium preventing residential evictions for non-payment and other no-cause evictions between Sept. 30 and Dec. 31, 2020.

Brown issued similar executive orders in March and April during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep Oregonians housed. The legislature also passed a house bill, establishing a residential and commercial eviction moratorium through Sept. 30, 2020.

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the widespread devastation caused by wildfires, Brown’s new executive order will help keep Oregonians in their homes until the legislature can convene later this year to address housing issues, the announcement said.

The new executive order establishes a new, temporary residential eviction moratorium through the end of the year, due to the urgent need to prevent a wave of evictions during simultaneous wildfire and pandemic emergency response and recovery efforts.

“Both crises have had an acute and disproportionate impact on Oregon’s communities of color, including Black, Indigenous, Latino, Latina, and Latinx, Pacific Islander, and Tribal communities, as well as families living in rural Oregon,” the announcement said.

“Thousands of people have been displaced by massive and devastating wildfires, and the global pandemic continues to make it difficult for many Oregonians … to pay rent, through no fault of their own,” said Brown.

“Many of the Oregonians most impacted by the pandemic and wildfire crises are those who can afford it least, and who have already faced housing discrimination and vast disparities in the availability of affordable housing,” she noted.