UM Centre for Engineering to monitor damages at Mei Lok Garden Building

The Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) has commissioned the University of Macau Centre for Engineering Research and Testing to monitor the damages at Mei Lok Garden Building in Ilha Verde.

Recently residents living in the property complained that cracks have appeared in the sections of the roof, façade and walls, with some of the residents believing the nearby construction of a Fire Department Provisional Operational Station was to blame.

After an inspection, the DSSOPT considered that the damages did not pose a structural danger to the property, and were caused by the expansion and contraction of construction materials caused by temperature variations.

Negotiations were held with representatives from the property owners, it was decided that electronic monitoring devices would be installed this week in the common spaces of the building and on the top floor in order to collect data 24 hours a day to monitor the building.

‘According to the data obtained, the situation of the building remains stable and there are no significant changes. DSSOPT will continue to inform representatives of the building owners of the monitoring data,’ the department added.