Union and employers disagree on Labour Relations Law

Paternal leave should be at least five days and maternity leave at least 90 days, advocated Ian Man Chit, Deputy Director of the Rights Committee of the Macau Federation of Trade Unions (FOAM) while attending a radio programme yesterday hosted by local broadcaster TDM Chinese Radio.
Ian perceived that employees have less bargaining power with their employers in terms of rescheduling mandatory holidays to other public holidays.
According to one of the suggested seven revisions, workers could reach an agreement with their employers on rescheduling three of the ten mandatory holidays to other non-mandatory holidays.
By contrast, Victor Lei Kuok Fai, Vice-president of the Federal General Commercial Association of Macau Small and Medium Enterprises, said there are no suggestions from the medical segment to add more days for maternity leave, adding that employers always accept longer reasonable leave for female workers who have just g5ven birth if requested.
In terms of the suggestions for part-time workers, the labour representative commented that the revision of the law would downgrade the benefits enjoyed by part-timers.
The new suggestions for part-timers propose the cancellation of no-paid maternity and sick leave, as well as no probation period, annual leave, notice in advance, compensation for terminating contracts, and no contribution to social security by employers.
Lei said it is unreasonable for part-timers to enjoy benefits that are for full-time workers, while adding that proposed regulations can be executed specifically for leading industries if the government intends to impose the suggested regulations upon prominent corporations.
Ng Wai Han, Deputy Director of the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL), said during the radio programme that a special law pertinent to part-time jobs is necessary given that workers are often placed in weaker positions because of the different interpretations of part-time jobs made by different industries.
Meanwhile, talking after the programme, Wong Chi Hong, Director of DSAL, revealed that a public consultation on the universal minimum wage would be performed on November 13, reported TDM Chinese Radio.