Vaping devices are also covered by local smoking law – Health Bureau

Vaping devices or e-cigarettes are also covered by the local smoking control law health authorities highlighted in an announcement.

E-vaporizers or e-cigarette devices have become growingly popular in the city, and although their use outside the designated areas is not forbidden, their commercialization is not allowed in Macau.

The Health Bureau (SS) noted that some 2,368 smoking law infractions were recorded last year, with 21 cases referring to the use of electronic cigarettes in prohibited areas.

‘Although tobacco companies claim that electronic cigarettes are less harmful to humans than traditional tobacco, they also contain substances that are harmful to health.

The SS the called on the public to stay away from all tobacco products and all types of electronic cigarettes, to comply with and not violate the smoking law.

Some 92.5 per cent of infractions were committed by men, with 40 per cent of the total comprising of tourists.

Most infractions were reported in parks/gardens and leisure areas, restaurants or commercial establishments.

Last year 409 inspections were also carried out in casinos, with 165 people indicted for smoking in prohibited places.

Smoking is banned on the main floors of casinos, but is permitted in closed-off ventilated smoking areas, which are located on the casino floors