A child cries as lion dancers solicit donations from diners in a restaurant during Lunar New Year festivities EPA/Steven Saphore

Visitation during first days of CNY drops more than 50pct

Fears of the spread of the new coronavirus epidemic and the strong measures to prevent tourists from leaving China, has taken its toll on the number of visitors to Macau. Over the first two days of the Chinese New Year holiday period, visitation to Macau is down 50 percent, relative to the first two days of the 2019 holiday period, according to data released by Deutsche Bank analyst Carlo Santarelli. This year, visitors in the first 2 days were 112,936 compared with 225,316 of last year. Visitation from Mainland China is even lower, having dropped 55 percent compared to the same period last year (66,106 versus 147,069).
Macau maintains 5 cases confirmed of Coronavirus. The Health Bureau said all 5 patients are from Wuhan and are in stable condition.
The Macau government appealed to all city residents that are still in the Mainland for the Chinese New Year festivities to return to the SAR and advised them to be kept in isolation.