Viva Macau’s creditors to meet in September

The creditors’ general meeting for Viva Macau will be held on September 13-14, the Court of First Instance announced. On March 28, 2010, Air Macau was ordered by the government to immediately terminate the sub-concession contract with Viva Macau, after the airline’s flights were grounded for more than two days after its oil supplier, Nam Kwong, refused to provide fuel unless it cleared a debt of US$1.7 million. According to the Macau Civil Aviation Authority, the decision was due to the fact that the company “has been constantly violating its public service obligations […] by cancelling flights and refusing to provide support and information for passengers carrying valid tickets.” According to the Macau authorities, Viva Macau’s actions caused “irreparable damages to passengers, the airport and the image of the Macau SAR” considering the “seriousness and repetition of the violations.” By May 20, the Consumer Council had received a total of 1,917 complaints and inquiries from affected passengers, involving an amount of MOP6.1 million. A total of 714 cases involved local residents.